Mosquito Born Diseases,Mosquito Control !!

MOSQUITO BORN DISEASES A disease which is transmitted to humans or other animals by an insect such as a mosquito or another arthropod is called vector borne disease. Mosquito are carriers or vectors for some of humanity’s most deadly illnesses and they are public enemy number one in the fight against global infectious disease. MOSQUITO […]

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Plasmodium,Life Cycle,Malaria,Symptoms,It’s Treatment!!

PLASMODIUM Plasmodium is commonly known as the malaria parasite. It is a large genus of parasitic protozoa. The species of the genus are known as plasmodium. Infection with plasmodium is known as malaria, a deadly disease widespread in the tropics. LIFE CYCLE OF PLASMODIUM Characteristics of life cycle Intermediate host: Human. Definitive host: Mosquito. Infected […]

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Wuchereria bancrofti

Wuchereria bancrofti,Filariasis,It’s Symptoms,Treatment!!

WUCHERERIA Wuchereria bancrofti is a filariod nematode, causing a very tragic, debilitating disease known as filariasis or elephantiasis. This disease has been known from antiquity and was the first discovery of insect (culex mosquito) transmission of a human disease. In general, infection with any of the filarial nematode may be called as filariasis. But the […]

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Leishmania,Types,Leishmaniasis,Treatment !!

LEISHMANIA The genus Leishmania comprises of a number of species all of which are morphologically similar, but differ clinically, biologically and serologically. In recent years, many strains and species of Leishmania have been characterised on the basis of isoenzymes kinetoplast DNA (k DNA). TYPES OF LEISHMANIA Leishmania tropica It produces coetaneous leishmaniasis which is characterized […]

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Parasitology,Animal Symbiosis or Association!!

PARASITOLOGY The concept of parasitology is often misunderstood because of the complexity of the relationship between the parasite and its host. Therefore, this section will define some of the general terminology often used in the description of organisms living together. ANIMAL SYMBIOSIS/ASSOCIATION Many authors restrict the term symbiosis to relationship where in both partners are […]

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