Enzyme Types & Nature of Enzyme Action !!

TYPES OF ENZYME Oxidoreductases Transfer hydrogen and oxygen atoms or electrons from one substrate to another Transferases Transfer phosphate or methyl group from one substrate to another Hydrolases Hydrolysis a substrate Isomerases Change molecular form of the substrate Lyases Non-hydrolytic removal of a group or addition of a group to a substrate  Ligases Join two […]

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Introduction of Enzyme : Characteristics & Example !!

ENZYME Enzyme, in Greek means in living. (En=in, Zyme=living). Coined by Wilhelm Kunhe, 1976. DEFINITION An enzyme is a protein molecule that is a biological catalyst that catalyzes chemical reaction. CHARACTERISTICS OF ENZYME Speed up chemical reaction. Enzymes are required in minute amounts. They are highly specific in their action. Affected by temperature. They are […]

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