Introduction Of Human Reproductive System & Gametogenesis !!

REPRODUCTIVE PHYSIOLOGY Sexual reproduction is a process in which two organism produce offspring through gamets. The physical maturity of reproduction and the capacity for human reproduction begin during puberty. Hypothalamus produces hormones during puberty. These hormones stimulate gonads to produce testosterone for male, estrogen and progesterone for female. MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Testis. Scrotum. Penis. Sperm […]

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Ovary(Female Reproductive Organ),Hormones,Functions,It’s Disorders !!

OVARY The ovaries are to small gland located on the uterus of a woman. Ovaries are a part of the reproductive system needed to reproduce sexually. OVARIES LOCATION It is located on each side of the uterus, below and behind the uterine tube. ANATOMY OF FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM The structure of the ovary varies with […]

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