Introduction Of Human Reproductive System & Gametogenesis !!

REPRODUCTIVE PHYSIOLOGY Sexual reproduction is a process in which two organism produce offspring through gamets. The physical maturity of reproduction and the capacity for human reproduction begin during puberty. Hypothalamus produces hormones during puberty. These hormones stimulate gonads to produce testosterone for male, estrogen and progesterone for female. MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Testis. Scrotum. Penis. Sperm […]

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Testis (Male Reproductive System),Hormones,Functions,It’s Disorders !!

TESTIS (MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM) The testes commonly known as the testicles are a pair of ovoid glandular organs that are central to the function of the male reproductive system. These testes are responsible for the production of sperm cells and testosterone hormone. LOCATION OF TESTES Testes are located within the scrotum, which hangs outside the […]

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